ACATS is the official Ada language testsuite, it was formerly known as ACVC. The Ada language standard is free (beer & speech) and so is its testsuite, see the Ada Conformity Assessment Authority for more information.

Note that [gccbug: 19956] is not an ACATS regression but has been reported to affect various pieces of Ada code that use a common Ada idiom. [gccbug: 20593] is also a common idiom being miscompiled. Both PR now have patches.

As of 20050313 here is the current list of known ACATS failures on all platforms:

[gccbug:13408] ||

[gccbug:13849] ||

[gccbug:17356] ||

[gccbug:18302] ||

[gccbug:18641] ||

[gccbug:18659] ||

[gccbug:18727] ||

[gccbug:18817] ||

[gccbug:18819] ||

[gccbug:18847] ||

[gccbug:18858] ||

[gccbug:18859] ||

[gccbug:18860] ||

[gccbug:19140] ||

[gccbug:19323] ||

[gccbug:19380] ||

[gccbug:19381] ||

[gccbug:19382] ||

[gccbug:19383] ||

[gccbug:19384] ||

[gccbug:19358] ||

[gccbug:19408] ||

[gccbug:19900] ||

[gccbug:19903] ||

[gccbug:20042] ||

[gccbug:20751] ||

[gccbug:20752] ||

[gccbug:20753] ||

[gccbug:20754] ||

Since 3.4 had no ACATS failures on x86-linux, all such current ACATS failures are regressions.

This list is maintained by LaurentGuerby, you can send him your gcc/testsuite/ada/acats/acats.log in compressed form by email if you have FAIL not listed on this page.

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