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#define __cpp_lib_experimental_gcd_lcm


template<typename _Mn , typename _Nn >
constexpr common_type_t< _Mn, _Nn > std::experimental::fundamentals_v2::gcd (_Mn __m, _Nn __n)
template<typename _Mn , typename _Nn >
constexpr common_type_t< _Mn, _Nn > std::experimental::fundamentals_v2::lcm (_Mn __m, _Nn __n)

Detailed Description

This is a TS C++ Library header.

Definition in file experimental/numeric.

Function Documentation

◆ gcd()

template<typename _Mn , typename _Nn >
constexpr common_type_t<_Mn, _Nn> std::experimental::fundamentals_v2::gcd ( _Mn  __m,
_Nn  __n 

Greatest common divisor.

Definition at line 58 of file experimental/numeric.

References std::experimental::fundamentals_v2::gcd().

Referenced by std::experimental::fundamentals_v2::gcd().

◆ lcm()

template<typename _Mn , typename _Nn >
constexpr common_type_t<_Mn, _Nn> std::experimental::fundamentals_v2::lcm ( _Mn  __m,
_Nn  __n 

Least common multiple.

Definition at line 70 of file experimental/numeric.

References std::__detail::__lcm(), and std::experimental::fundamentals_v2::lcm().

Referenced by std::experimental::fundamentals_v2::lcm().