__gnu_pbds::detail::ranged_hash_fn< Key, Hash_Fn, _Alloc, Comb_Hash_Fn, false > Class Template Reference

Inherits Hash_Fn, and Comb_Hash_Fn.

Protected Types

typedef Comb_Hash_Fn comb_hash_fn_base
typedef Hash_Fn hash_fn_base
typedef rebind_traits< _Alloc, Key >::const_reference key_const_reference
typedef _Alloc::size_type size_type

Protected Member Functions

 ranged_hash_fn (size_type)
 ranged_hash_fn (size_type, const Hash_Fn &)
 ranged_hash_fn (size_type, const Hash_Fn &, const Comb_Hash_Fn &)
void notify_resized (size_type)
size_type operator() (key_const_reference) const
void swap (ranged_hash_fn< Key, Hash_Fn, _Alloc, Comb_Hash_Fn, false > &)

Detailed Description

template<typename Key, typename Hash_Fn, typename _Alloc, typename Comb_Hash_Fn>
class __gnu_pbds::detail::ranged_hash_fn< Key, Hash_Fn, _Alloc, Comb_Hash_Fn, false >

Specialization 1 The client supplies a hash function and a ranged hash function, and requests that hash values not be stored.

Definition at line 72 of file ranged_hash_fn.hpp.

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