__gnu_debug::_Safe_vector< _SafeSequence, _BaseSequence > Class Template Reference

Protected Member Functions

 _Safe_vector (_Safe_vector &&__x) noexcept
 _Safe_vector (const _Safe_vector &) noexcept
 _Safe_vector (size_type __n) noexcept
bool _M_requires_reallocation (size_type __elements) const noexcept
void _M_update_guaranteed_capacity () noexcept
_Safe_vectoroperator= (_Safe_vector &&__x) noexcept
_Safe_vectoroperator= (const _Safe_vector &) noexcept

Protected Attributes

size_type _M_guaranteed_capacity

Detailed Description

template<typename _SafeSequence, typename _BaseSequence>
class __gnu_debug::_Safe_vector< _SafeSequence, _BaseSequence >

Base class for Debug Mode vector.

Adds information about the guaranteed capacity, which is useful for detecting code which relies on non-portable implementation details of the libstdc++ reallocation policy.

Definition at line 55 of file debug/vector.

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