std::complex< long double > Class Reference

Public Types

typedef __complex__ long double _ComplexT
typedef long double value_type

Public Member Functions

constexpr complex (_ComplexT __z)
constexpr complex (const complex< double > &__z)
constexpr complex (const complex< float > &__z)
constexpr complex (long double __r=0.0L, long double __i=0.0L)
 __attribute ((__abi_tag__("cxx11"))) const expr long double imag() const
 __attribute ((__abi_tag__("cxx11"))) const expr long double real() const
constexpr _ComplexT __rep () const
constexpr void imag (long double __val)
template<typename _Tp >
constexpr complexoperator*= (const complex< _Tp > &__z)
constexpr complexoperator*= (long double __r)
template<typename _Tp >
constexpr complexoperator+= (const complex< _Tp > &__z)
constexpr complexoperator+= (long double __r)
template<typename _Tp >
constexpr complexoperator-= (const complex< _Tp > &__z)
constexpr complexoperator-= (long double __r)
template<typename _Tp >
constexpr complexoperator/= (const complex< _Tp > &__z)
constexpr complexoperator/= (long double __r)
constexpr complexoperator= (const complex &)=default
template<typename _Tp >
constexpr complexoperator= (const complex< _Tp > &__z)
constexpr complexoperator= (long double __r)
constexpr void real (long double __val)

Detailed Description

26.2.3 complex specializations complex<long double> specialization

Definition at line 1375 of file complex.

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