class  std::codecvt< _InternT, _ExternT, _StateT >
class  std::ctype< _CharT >
class  std::ctype< char >
class  std::ctype< wchar_t >
class  std::locale
class  std::locale::facet
class  std::locale::id
class  std::messages< _CharT >
struct  std::messages_base
class  std::money_base
class  std::money_get< _CharT, _InIter >
class  std::money_put< _CharT, _OutIter >
class  std::moneypunct< _CharT, _Intl >
class  std::num_get< _CharT, _InIter >
class  std::num_put< _CharT, _OutIter >
class  std::numpunct< _CharT >
class  std::time_base
class  std::time_get< _CharT, _InIter >
class  std::time_put< _CharT, _OutIter >


template<typename _Facet >
bool std::has_facet (const locale &__loc) throw ()
template<typename _Facet >
const _Facet & std::use_facet (const locale &__loc)

Detailed Description

Classes and functions for internationalization and localization.

Function Documentation

template<typename _Facet >
bool std::has_facet ( const locale &  __loc)
throw (

Test for the presence of a facet.has_facet tests the locale argument for the presence of the facet type provided as the template parameter. Facets derived from the facet parameter will also return true.

Template Parameters
_FacetThe facet type to test the presence of.
__locThe locale to test.
true if __loc contains a facet of type _Facet, else false.

Definition at line 104 of file locale_classes.tcc.

template<typename _Facet >
const _Facet & std::use_facet ( const locale &  __loc)

Return a facet.use_facet looks for and returns a reference to a facet of type Facet where Facet is the template parameter. If has_facet(locale) is true, there is a suitable facet to return. It throws std::bad_cast if the locale doesn't contain a facet of type Facet.

Template Parameters
_FacetThe facet type to access.
__locThe locale to use.
Reference to facet of type Facet.
std::bad_castif __loc doesn't contain a facet of type _Facet.

Definition at line 132 of file locale_classes.tcc.