balanced_quicksort.h File Reference

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struct  __gnu_parallel::_QSBThreadLocal< _RAIter >




template<typename _RAIter , typename _Compare >
void __gnu_parallel::__parallel_sort_qsb (_RAIter __begin, _RAIter __end, _Compare __comp, _ThreadIndex __num_threads)
template<typename _RAIter , typename _Compare >
void __gnu_parallel::__qsb_conquer (_QSBThreadLocal< _RAIter > **__tls, _RAIter __begin, _RAIter __end, _Compare __comp, _ThreadIndex __iam, _ThreadIndex __num_threads, bool __parent_wait)
template<typename _RAIter , typename _Compare >
std::iterator_traits< _RAIter >::difference_type __gnu_parallel::__qsb_divide (_RAIter __begin, _RAIter __end, _Compare __comp, _ThreadIndex __num_threads)
template<typename _RAIter , typename _Compare >
void __gnu_parallel::__qsb_local_sort_with_helping (_QSBThreadLocal< _RAIter > **__tls, _Compare &__comp, _ThreadIndex __iam, bool __wait)

Detailed Description

Implementation of a dynamically load-balanced parallel quicksort.

It works in-place and needs only logarithmic extra memory. The algorithm is similar to the one proposed in

P. Tsigas and Y. Zhang. A simple, fast parallel implementation of quicksort and its performance evaluation on SUN enterprise 10000. In 11th Euromicro Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing, page 372, 2003.

This file is a GNU parallel extension to the Standard C++ Library.

Definition in file balanced_quicksort.h.