streambuf_iterator.h File Reference

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class  std::istreambuf_iterator< _CharT, _Traits >
class  std::ostreambuf_iterator< _CharT, _Traits >




template<bool _IsMove, typename _CharT >
__gnu_cxx::__enable_if< __is_char< _CharT >::__value, ostreambuf_iterator< _CharT > >::__type std::__copy_move_a2 (_CharT *__first, _CharT *__last, ostreambuf_iterator< _CharT > __result)
template<bool _IsMove, typename _CharT >
__gnu_cxx::__enable_if< __is_char< _CharT >::__value, ostreambuf_iterator< _CharT > >::__type std::__copy_move_a2 (const _CharT *__first, const _CharT *__last, ostreambuf_iterator< _CharT > __result)
template<bool _IsMove, typename _CharT >
__gnu_cxx::__enable_if< __is_char< _CharT >::__value, _CharT * >::__type std::__copy_move_a2 (istreambuf_iterator< _CharT > __first, istreambuf_iterator< _CharT > __last, _CharT *__result)
template<typename _CharT , typename _Size >
__gnu_cxx::__enable_if< __is_char< _CharT >::__value, _CharT * >::__type std::__copy_n_a (istreambuf_iterator< _CharT > __it, _Size __n, _CharT *__result, bool __strict)
template<typename _CharT , typename _Distance >
__gnu_cxx::__enable_if< __is_char< _CharT >::__value, void >::__type std::advance (istreambuf_iterator< _CharT > &__i, _Distance __n)
template<typename _CharT >
__gnu_cxx::__enable_if< __is_char< _CharT >::__value, ostreambuf_iterator< _CharT > >::__type std::copy (istreambuf_iterator< _CharT > __first, istreambuf_iterator< _CharT > __last, ostreambuf_iterator< _CharT > __result)
template<typename _CharT >
__gnu_cxx::__enable_if< __is_char< _CharT >::__value, istreambuf_iterator< _CharT > >::__type std::find (istreambuf_iterator< _CharT > __first, istreambuf_iterator< _CharT > __last, const _CharT &__val)
template<typename _CharT , typename _Traits >
bool std::operator!= (const istreambuf_iterator< _CharT, _Traits > &__a, const istreambuf_iterator< _CharT, _Traits > &__b)
template<typename _CharT , typename _Traits >
bool std::operator== (const istreambuf_iterator< _CharT, _Traits > &__a, const istreambuf_iterator< _CharT, _Traits > &__b)

Detailed Description

This is an internal header file, included by other library headers. Do not attempt to use it directly. Instead, include <iterator>.

Definition in file streambuf_iterator.h.