iosfwd File Reference

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typedef basic_filebuf< char > std::filebuf
typedef basic_fstream< char > std::fstream
typedef basic_ifstream< char > std::ifstream
typedef basic_ios< char > std::ios
typedef basic_iostream< char > std::iostream
typedef basic_istream< char > std::istream
typedef basic_istringstream< char > std::istringstream
typedef basic_ofstream< char > std::ofstream
typedef basic_ostream< char > std::ostream
typedef basic_ostringstream< char > std::ostringstream
typedef basic_streambuf< char > std::streambuf
typedef basic_stringbuf< char > std::stringbuf
typedef basic_stringstream< char > std::stringstream
typedef basic_filebuf< wchar_t > std::wfilebuf
typedef basic_fstream< wchar_t > std::wfstream
typedef basic_ifstream< wchar_t > std::wifstream
typedef basic_ios< wchar_t > std::wios
typedef basic_iostream< wchar_t > std::wiostream
typedef basic_istream< wchar_t > std::wistream
typedef basic_istringstream< wchar_t > std::wistringstream
typedef basic_ofstream< wchar_t > std::wofstream
typedef basic_ostream< wchar_t > std::wostream
typedef basic_ostringstream< wchar_t > std::wostringstream
typedef basic_streambuf< wchar_t > std::wstreambuf
typedef basic_stringbuf< wchar_t > std::wstringbuf
typedef basic_stringstream< wchar_t > std::wstringstream

Detailed Description

This is a Standard C++ Library header.

Definition in file iosfwd.