1. This library was partially written at IBM's Haifa Research Labs.
  2. The library is based heavily on policy-based design and uses many useful techniques from [alexandrescu01modern].
  3. Two ideas are borrowed from the SGI-STL implementation [sgi_stl]:
    1. The prime-based resize policies use a list of primes taken from the SGI-STL implementation.
    2. The red-black trees contain both a root node and a header node (containing metadata), connected in a way that forward and reverse iteration can be performed efficiently.
  4. Some test utilities borrow ideas from [boost_timer].
  5. We would like to thank Scott Meyers for useful comments (without attributing to him any flaws in the design or implementation of the library).
  6. Much of the documentation is [Python Powered] (especially through PyChart, Beautiful Soup, and kjbuckets) and uses [HTML tidy]. The CSS-driven menus are slightly modified from Brothercake (hopefully without introducing errors).