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2.29 omp_set_schedule – Set the runtime scheduling method

Sets the runtime scheduling method. The kind argument can have the value omp_sched_static, omp_sched_dynamic, omp_sched_guided or omp_sched_auto. Except for omp_sched_auto, the chunk size is set to the value of chunk_size if positive, or to the default value if zero or negative. For omp_sched_auto the chunk_size argument is ignored.

Prototype: void omp_set_schedule(omp_sched_t kind, int chunk_size);


Interface: subroutine omp_set_schedule(kind, chunk_size)
integer(kind=omp_sched_kind) kind
integer chunk_size

See also:
omp_get_schedule OMP_SCHEDULE
OpenMP specification v4.5, Section 3.2.12.