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4.59 Attribute To_Address

The System'To_Address (System is the only permissible prefix) denotes a function identical to System.Storage_Elements.To_Address except that it is a static attribute. This means that if its argument is a static expression, then the result of the attribute is a static expression. This means that such an expression can be used in contexts (e.g., preelaborable packages) which require a static expression and where the function call could not be used (since the function call is always non-static, even if its argument is static). The argument must be in the range -(2**(m-1) .. 2**m-1, where m is the memory size (typically 32 or 64). Negative values are intepreted in a modular manner (e.g., -1 means the same as 16#FFFF_FFFF# on a 32 bits machine).