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7.3 Ada Language Testsuites

The Ada testsuite includes executable tests from the ACATS testsuite, publicly available at

These tests are integrated in the GCC testsuite in the ada/acats directory, and enabled automatically when running make check, assuming the Ada language has been enabled when configuring GCC.

You can also run the Ada testsuite independently, using make check-ada, or run a subset of the tests by specifying which chapter to run, e.g.:

$ make check-ada CHAPTERS="c3 c9"

The tests are organized by directory, each directory corresponding to a chapter of the Ada Reference Manual. So for example, c9 corresponds to chapter 9, which deals with tasking features of the language.

The tests are run using two sh scripts: run_acats and To run the tests using a simulator or a cross target, see the small customization section at the top of

These tests are run using the build tree: they can be run without doing a make install.