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26.13 Support for other platforms/run-times

gnattest can be used to generate the test harness for platforms and run-time libraries others than the default native target with the default full run-time. For example, when using a limited run-time library such as Zero FootPrint (ZFP), a simplified harness is generated.

Two variables are used to tell the underlying AUnit framework how to generate the test harness: PLATFORM, which identifies the target, and RUNTIME, used to determine the run-time library for which the harness is generated. Corresponding prefix should also be used when calling gnattest for non-native targets. For example, the following options are used to generate the AUnit test harness for a PowerPC ELF target using the ZFP run-time library:

     powerpc-elf-gnattest -Psimple.gpr -XPLATFORM=powerpc-elf -XRUNTIME=zfp