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26.1 Running gnattest

gnattest has a command-line interface of the form

     $ gnattest -Pprojname [–harness-dir=dirname] [switches] [filename] [-cargs gcc_switches]


specifies the project defining the location of source files. When no file names are provided on the command line, all sources in the project are used as input. This switch is required.
is the name of the source file containing the library unit package declaration for which a test package will be created. The file name may be given with a path.
is a list of switches for gcc. These switches will be passed on to all compiler invocations made by gnattest to generate a set of ASIS trees. Here you can provide -I switches to form the source search path, use the -gnatec switch to set the configuration file, use the -gnat05 switch if sources should be compiled in Ada 2005 mode, etc.
is an optional sequence of switches as described in the next section.

gnattest results can be found in two different places.