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class  std::future_error
 Exception type thrown by futures. More...
struct  std::is_error_code_enum< future_errc >
 Specialization. More...


enum  std::future_errc { future_already_retrieved, promise_already_satisfied, no_state, broken_promise }
enum  std::future_status { ready, timeout, deferred }
enum  std::launch { async, deferred }


template<typename _Fn , typename... _Args>
future< typename result_of
< _Fn(_Args...)>::type > 
std::async (launch __policy, _Fn &&__fn, _Args &&...__args)
template<typename _Fn , typename... _Args>
< typename decay< _Fn >::type,
_Fn, _Args...>::type 
std::async (_Fn &&__fn, _Args &&...__args)
const error_category & std::future_category () noexcept
error_code std::make_error_code (future_errc __errc) noexcept
error_condition std::make_error_condition (future_errc __errc) noexcept
constexpr launch std::operator& (launch __x, launch __y)
launch & std::operator&= (launch &__x, launch __y)
constexpr launch std::operator^ (launch __x, launch __y)
launch & std::operator^= (launch &__x, launch __y)
constexpr launch std::operator| (launch __x, launch __y)
launch & std::operator|= (launch &__x, launch __y)
constexpr launch std::operator~ (launch __x)

Detailed Description

Classes for futures support.

Enumeration Type Documentation

Error code for futures.

Definition at line 61 of file future.

Status code for futures.

Definition at line 163 of file future.

Launch code for futures.

Definition at line 126 of file future.

Function Documentation

const error_category& std::future_category ( )

Points to a statically-allocated object derived from error_category.

Referenced by std::make_error_code(), and std::make_error_condition().

error_code std::make_error_code ( future_errc  __errc)

Overload for make_error_code.

Definition at line 79 of file future.

References std::future_category().

error_condition std::make_error_condition ( future_errc  __errc)

Overload for make_error_condition.

Definition at line 84 of file future.

References std::future_category().