__gnu_parallel::__multiway_merge_4_variant_sentinel_switch< __sentinels, _RAIterIterator, _RAIter3, _DifferenceTp, _Compare > Struct Template Reference

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Public Member Functions

_RAIter3 operator() (_RAIterIterator __seqs_begin, _RAIterIterator __seqs_end, _RAIter3 __target, _DifferenceTp __length, _Compare __comp)

Detailed Description

template<bool __sentinels, typename _RAIterIterator, typename _RAIter3, typename _DifferenceTp, typename _Compare>
struct __gnu_parallel::__multiway_merge_4_variant_sentinel_switch< __sentinels, _RAIterIterator, _RAIter3, _DifferenceTp, _Compare >

Switch for 4-way merging with __sentinels turned off.

Note that 4-way merging is always stable!

Definition at line 795 of file multiway_merge.h.

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