for_each.h File Reference

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namespace  __gnu_parallel


template<typename _IIter , typename _UserOp , typename _Functionality , typename _Red , typename _Result >
_UserOp __gnu_parallel::__for_each_template_random_access (_IIter __begin, _IIter __end, _UserOp __user_op, _Functionality &__functionality, _Red __reduction, _Result __reduction_start, _Result &__output, typename std::iterator_traits< _IIter >::difference_type __bound, _Parallelism __parallelism_tag)

Detailed Description

Main interface for embarrassingly parallel functions.

The explicit implementation are in other header files, like workstealing.h, par_loop.h, omp_loop.h, and omp_loop_static.h. This file is a GNU parallel extension to the Standard C++ Library.

Definition in file for_each.h.