__gnu_profile Namespace Reference





Detailed Description

GNU profile code for public use.

Typedef Documentation

Internal environment. Values can be set one of two ways: 1. In config file "var = value". The default config file path is libstdcxx-profile.conf. 2. By setting process environment variables. For instance, in a Bash shell you can set the unit cost of iterating through a map like this: export __map_iterate_cost_factor=5.0. If a value is set both in the input file and through an environment variable, the environment value takes precedence.

Definition at line 72 of file profiler_trace.h.

Function Documentation

bool __gnu_profile::__profcxx_init ( ) [inline]

This function must be called by each instrumentation point.

The common path is inlined fully.

Definition at line 656 of file profiler_trace.h.

void __gnu_profile::__report ( void  ) [inline]

Final report method, registered with atexit.

This can also be called directly by user code, including signal handlers. It is protected against deadlocks by the reentrance guard in profiler.h. However, when called from a signal handler that triggers while within __gnu_profile (under the guarded zone), no output will be produced.

Definition at line 447 of file profiler_trace.h.

References std::min().

__gnu_profile::_GLIBCXX_PROFILE_DEFINE_UNINIT_DATA ( __gnu_cxx::__mutex  ,

Master lock.