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Stable _LoserTree variant.

Provides the stable implementations of insert_start, __init_winner, __init and __delete_min_insert.

Unstable variant is done using partial specialisation below.

Member Function Documentation

void __gnu_parallel::_LoserTree::__delete_min_insert ( _Tp  __key,
bool  __sup 
) [inline]

Delete the smallest element and insert a new element from the previously smallest element's sequence.

This implementation is stable.

Definition at line 221 of file losertree.h.

References __gnu_parallel::_LoserTreeBase< _Tp, _Compare >::_M_losers, and __gnu_parallel::_LoserTreeBase< _Tp, _Compare >::_M_comp.

int __gnu_parallel::_LoserTreeBase::__get_min_source ( ) [inline, inherited]
the index of the sequence with the smallest element.

Definition at line 155 of file losertree.h.

References __gnu_parallel::_LoserTreeBase::_M_losers, and __gnu_parallel::_LoserTreeBase::_Loser::_M_source.

void __gnu_parallel::_LoserTreeBase::__insert_start ( const _Tp &  __key,
int  __source,
bool  __sup 
) [inline, inherited]

Initializes the sequence "_M_source" with the element "__key".

__keythe element to insert
__source__index of the __source __sequence
__supflag that determines whether the value to insert is an explicit __supremum.

Definition at line 134 of file losertree.h.

References __gnu_parallel::_LoserTreeBase::_M_first_insert, __gnu_parallel::_LoserTreeBase::_M_losers, __gnu_parallel::_LoserTreeBase::_Loser::_M_key, __gnu_parallel::_LoserTreeBase::_Loser::_M_sup, and __gnu_parallel::_LoserTreeBase::_Loser::_M_source.

Member Data Documentation

State flag that determines whether the _LoserTree is empty.

Only used for building the _LoserTree.

Definition at line 85 of file losertree.h.

unsigned int __gnu_parallel::_LoserTreeBase::_M_log_k [protected, inherited]


Definition at line 72 of file losertree.h.

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