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11.7.2 Qualified Projects

Before the reserved project, there may be one or two qualifiers, that is identifiers or reserved words, to qualify the project. The current list of qualifiers is:

abstract: qualifies a project with no sources. Such a
project must either have no declaration of attributes Source_Dirs, Source_Files, Languages or Source_List_File, or one of Source_Dirs, Source_Files, or Languages must be declared as empty. If it extends another project, the project it extends must also be a qualified abstract project.
standard: a standard project is a non library project with sources.
This is the default (implicit) qualifier.
aggregate: for future extension
aggregate library: for future extension
library: a library project must declare both attributes
Library_Name and Library_Dir.
configuration: a configuration project cannot be in a project tree.
It describes compilers and other tools to gprbuild.