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23.6.29 Name_Clashes

Check that certain names are not used as defining identifiers. To activate this rule, you need to supply a reference to the dictionary file(s) as a rule parameter(s) (more then one dictionary file can be specified). If no dictionary file is set, this rule will not cause anything to be flagged. Only defining occurrences, not references, are checked. The check is not case-sensitive.

This rule is enabled by default, but without setting any corresponding dictionary file(s); thus the default effect is to do no checks.

A dictionary file is a plain text file. The maximum line length for this file is 1024 characters. If the line is longer then this limit, extra characters are ignored.

Each line can be either an empty line, a comment line, or a line containing a list of identifiers separated by space or HT characters. A comment is an Ada-style comment (from -- to end-of-line). Identifiers must follow the Ada syntax for identifiers. A line containing one or more identifiers may end with a comment.