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23.6.26 Misnamed_Identifiers

Flag the declaration of each identifier that does not have a suffix corresponding to the kind of entity being declared. The following declarations are checked:

This rule may have parameters. When used without parameters, the rule enforces the following checks:

For a private or incomplete type declaration the following checks are made for the defining name suffix:

For a deferred constant, the defining name in the corresponding full constant declaration is not checked.

Defining names of formal types are not checked.

The rule may have the following parameters:

If more than one parameter is used, parameters must be separated by commas.

If more than one option is specified for the gnatcheck invocation, a new option overrides the previous one(s).

The +RMisnamed_Identifiers option (with no parameter) enables checks for all the name suffixes specified by previous options used for this rule.

The -RMisnamed_Identifiers option (with no parameter) disables all the checks but keeps all the suffixes specified by previous options used for this rule.

The string value must be a valid suffix for an Ada identifier (after trimming all the leading and trailing space characters, if any). Parameters are not case sensitive, except the string part.

If any error is detected in a rule parameter, the parameter is ignored. In such a case the options that are set for the rule are not specified.