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with Ada.Text_IO; with GNAT.Traceback.Symbolic; procedure STB is procedure P1 is begin raise Constraint_Error; end P1; procedure P2 is begin P1; end P2; procedure P3 is begin P2; end P3; begin P3; exception when E : others => Ada.Text_IO.Put_Line (GNAT.Traceback.Symbolic.Symbolic_Traceback (E)); end STB;

     $ gnatmake -g stb -bargs -E -largs -lgnat -laddr2line -lintl
     $ stb
     0040149F in stb.p1 at stb.adb:8
     004014B7 in stb.p2 at stb.adb:13
     004014CF in stb.p3 at stb.adb:18
     004015DD in ada.stb at stb.adb:22
     00401461 in main at b~stb.adb:168
     004011C4 in __mingw_CRTStartup at crt1.c:200
     004011F1 in mainCRTStartup at crt1.c:222
     77E892A4 in ?? at ??:0

The exact sequence of linker options may vary from platform to platform. The above -largs section is for Windows platforms. By contrast, under Unix there is no need for the -largs section. Differences across platforms are due to details of linker implementation.