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It is possible to get a symbolic stack traceback from anywhere in a program, just as for non-symbolic tracebacks. The first step is to obtain a non-symbolic traceback, and then call Symbolic_Traceback to compute the symbolic information. Here is an example:


with Ada.Text_IO; with GNAT.Traceback; with GNAT.Traceback.Symbolic; procedure STB is use Ada; use GNAT.Traceback; use GNAT.Traceback.Symbolic; procedure P1 is TB : Tracebacks_Array (1 .. 10); -- We are asking for a maximum of 10 stack frames. Len : Natural; -- Len will receive the actual number of stack frames returned. begin Call_Chain (TB, Len); Text_IO.Put_Line (Symbolic_Traceback (TB (1 .. Len))); end P1; procedure P2 is begin P1; end P2; begin P2; end STB;