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Java1. Compile C, C++, Objective C, Fortran, Java
java_interface attribute6.8 C++-Specific Variable, Function, and Type Attributes
jump instruction pattern20.8 Standard Pattern Names For Generation
jump instruction patterns20.11 Defining Jump Instruction Patterns
jump instructions and set19.14 Side Effect Expressions
jump optimization17. Passes and Files of the Compiler
jump threading17. Passes and Files of the Compiler
jump_insn19.17 Insns
JUMP_LABEL19.17 Insns
JUMP_TABLES_IN_TEXT_SECTION21.15 Dividing the Output into Sections (Texts, Data, ...)

kernel and user registers (29k)3.17.6 AMD29K Options
keywords, alternate5.39 Alternate Keywords
known causes of trouble9. Known Causes of Trouble with GCC

LABEL_ALIGN21.17.10 Assembler Commands for Alignment
LABEL_ALIGN_AFTER_BARRIER21.17.10 Assembler Commands for Alignment
LABEL_ALIGN_AFTER_BARRIER_MAX_SKIP21.17.10 Assembler Commands for Alignment
LABEL_ALIGN_MAX_SKIP21.17.10 Assembler Commands for Alignment
LABEL_DECL18.5 Declarations
LABEL_NUSES19.17 Insns
LABEL_OUTSIDE_LOOP_P19.4 Flags in an RTL Expression
LABEL_PRESERVE_P19.4 Flags in an RTL Expression
label_ref19.6 Constant Expression Types
label_ref and `/s'19.4 Flags in an RTL Expression
label_ref, RTL sharing19.19 Structure Sharing Assumptions
LABEL_STMT18.6.2 Function Bodies
LABEL_STMT_LABEL18.6.2 Function Bodies
labeled elements in initializers5.22 Designated Initializers
labels as values5.3 Labels as Values
labs5.43 Other built-in functions provided by GNU CC
LANG3.19 Environment Variables Affecting GCC
LANG3.19 Environment Variables Affecting GCC
language dialect options3.4 Options Controlling C Dialect
large bit shifts (88k)3.17.11 M88K Options
large return values21.8.8 How Large Values Are Returned
LAST_STACK_REG21.6.5 Registers That Form a Stack
LAST_VIRTUAL_REGISTER19.7 Registers and Memory
LC_ALL3.19 Environment Variables Affecting GCC
LC_CTYPE3.19 Environment Variables Affecting GCC
LC_MESSAGES3.19 Environment Variables Affecting GCC
LD_FINI_SWITCH21.17.6 Macros Controlling Initialization Routines
LD_INIT_SWITCH21.17.6 Macros Controlling Initialization Routines
LDD_SUFFIX21.17.6 Macros Controlling Initialization Routines
ldexp21.19 Cross Compilation and Floating Point
le19.9 Comparison Operations
le and attributes20.17.2 Attribute Expressions
LE_EXPR18.7 Expressions
leaf functions21.6.4 Handling Leaf Functions
leaf_function_p20.8 Standard Pattern Names For Generation
LEAF_REG_REMAP21.6.4 Handling Leaf Functions
LEAF_REGISTERS21.6.4 Handling Leaf Functions
left rotate19.8 RTL Expressions for Arithmetic
left shift19.8 RTL Expressions for Arithmetic
LEGITIMATE_CONSTANT_P21.12 Addressing Modes
LEGITIMATE_PIC_OPERAND_P21.16 Position Independent Code
LEGITIMIZE_ADDRESS21.12 Addressing Modes
length-zero arrays5.13 Arrays of Length Zero
less than19.9 Comparison Operations
less than or equal19.9 Comparison Operations
leu19.9 Comparison Operations
leu and attributes20.17.2 Attribute Expressions
LIB2FUNCS_EXTRA23.1 The Target Makefile Fragment
LIB_SPEC21.1 Controlling the Compilation Driver, `gcc'
LIBCALL_VALUE21.8.7 How Scalar Function Values Are Returned
`libgcc.a'21.11 Implicit Calls to Library Routines
LIBGCC123.1 The Target Makefile Fragment
LIBGCC2_CFLAGS23.1 The Target Makefile Fragment
LIBGCC_NEEDS_DOUBLE21.11 Implicit Calls to Library Routines
LIBGCC_SPEC21.1 Controlling the Compilation Driver, `gcc'
Libraries3.13 Options for Linking
library subroutine names21.11 Implicit Calls to Library Routines
LIBRARY_PATH3.19 Environment Variables Affecting GCC
LIBRARY_PATH_ENV21.21 Miscellaneous Parameters
LIMIT_RELOAD_CLASS21.7 Register Classes
link options3.13 Options for Linking
LINK_COMMAND_SPEC21.1 Controlling the Compilation Driver, `gcc'
LINK_ELIMINATE_DUPLICATE_LDIRECTORIES21.1 Controlling the Compilation Driver, `gcc'
LINK_LIBGCC_SPECIAL21.1 Controlling the Compilation Driver, `gcc'
LINK_LIBGCC_SPECIAL_121.1 Controlling the Compilation Driver, `gcc'
LINK_SPEC21.1 Controlling the Compilation Driver, `gcc'
linkage18.6.1 Function Basics
list18.2.3 Containers
LL integer suffix5.10 Double-Word Integers
llabs5.43 Other built-in functions provided by GNU CC
lo_sum19.8 RTL Expressions for Arithmetic
load address instruction20.7.1 Simple Constraints
LOAD_ARGS_REVERSED21.8.6 Passing Arguments in Registers
LOAD_EXTEND_OP21.21 Miscellaneous Parameters
load_multiple instruction pattern20.8 Standard Pattern Names For Generation
local labels5.2 Locally Declared Labels
local register allocation17. Passes and Files of the Compiler
local variables in macros5.6 Naming an Expression's Type
local variables, specifying registers5.38.2 Specifying Registers for Local Variables
LOCAL_ALIGNMENT21.4 Storage Layout
LOCAL_CLASS_P18.4.2 Classes
LOCAL_CLASS_P18.4.2 Classes
LOCAL_INCLUDE_DIR21.1 Controlling the Compilation Driver, `gcc'
LOCAL_LABEL_PREFIX21.17.7 Output of Assembler Instructions
LOCAL_REGNO21.6.1 Basic Characteristics of Registers
locale3.19 Environment Variables Affecting GCC
locale definition3.19 Environment Variables Affecting GCC
LOG_LINKS19.17 Insns
logical-and, bitwise19.8 RTL Expressions for Arithmetic
long long data types5.10 Double-Word Integers
LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE21.5 Layout of Source Language Data Types
LONG_LONG_TYPE_SIZE21.5 Layout of Source Language Data Types
LONG_TYPE_SIZE21.5 Layout of Source Language Data Types
longjmp5.38.1 Defining Global Register Variables
longjmp and automatic variables3.4 Options Controlling C Dialect
longjmp and automatic variables16. Interfacing to GCC Output
longjmp incompatibilities9.5 Incompatibilities of GCC
longjmp warnings3.8 Options to Request or Suppress Warnings
LONGJMP_RESTORE_FROM_STACK21.8.4 Eliminating Frame Pointer and Arg Pointer
loop optimization17. Passes and Files of the Compiler
LOOP_ALIGN21.17.10 Assembler Commands for Alignment
LOOP_ALIGN_MAX_SKIP21.17.10 Assembler Commands for Alignment
LOOP_EXPR18.7 Expressions
looping instruction patterns20.12 Defining Looping Instruction Patterns
LSHIFT_EXPR18.7 Expressions
lshiftrt19.8 RTL Expressions for Arithmetic
lshiftrt and attributes20.17.2 Attribute Expressions
lshrm3 instruction pattern20.8 Standard Pattern Names For Generation
lt19.9 Comparison Operations
lt and attributes20.17.2 Attribute Expressions
LT_EXPR18.7 Expressions
ltu19.9 Comparison Operations
lvalues, generalized5.8 Generalized Lvalues

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