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Option Index: G -- M

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Index Entry Section

G3.17.10 M32R/D Options
g3.9 Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC
G3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
G3.17.14 MIPS Options
G3.17.22 Options for System V
gcoff3.9 Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC
gdwarf3.9 Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC
gdwarf+3.9 Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC
gdwarf-23.9 Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC
gen-decls3.6 Options Controlling Objective-C Dialect
ggdb3.9 Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC
gstabs3.9 Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC
gstabs+3.9 Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC
gxcoff3.9 Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC
gxcoff+3.9 Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC

H3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
help3.2 Options Controlling the Kind of Output

I3.14 Options for Directory Search
I-3.14 Options for Directory Search
idirafter3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
imacros3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
include3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
iprefix3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
isystem3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
iwithprefix3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
iwithprefixbefore3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor

L3.14 Options for Directory Search
l3.13 Options for Linking
lobjc3.13 Options for Linking

M3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
m13.17.21 SH Options
m128bit-long-double3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
m23.17.21 SH Options
m2103.17.28 MCore Options
m2103.17.28 MCore Options
m290003.17.6 AMD29K Options
m290503.17.6 AMD29K Options
m33.17.21 SH Options
m313.17.31 S/390 and zSeries Options
m323.17.4 SPARC Options
m320323.17.26 NS32K Options
m320323.17.26 NS32K Options
m320813.17.26 NS32K Options
m323323.17.26 NS32K Options
m323323.17.26 NS32K Options
m323813.17.26 NS32K Options
m325323.17.26 NS32K Options
m325323.17.26 NS32K Options
m3403.17.28 MCore Options
m3863.17.15 Intel 386 Options
m3e3.17.21 SH Options
m43.17.21 SH Options
m4-nofpu3.17.21 SH Options
m4-single3.17.21 SH Options
m4-single-only3.17.21 SH Options
m46503.17.14 MIPS Options
m4863.17.15 Intel 386 Options
m4byte-functions3.17.28 MCore Options
m4byte-functions3.17.28 MCore Options
m52003.17.1 M680x0 Options
m643.17.4 SPARC Options
m643.17.31 S/390 and zSeries Options
m680003.17.1 M680x0 Options
m680203.17.1 M680x0 Options
m68020-403.17.1 M680x0 Options
m68020-603.17.1 M680x0 Options
m680303.17.1 M680x0 Options
m680403.17.1 M680x0 Options
m680603.17.1 M680x0 Options
m68113.17.2 M68hc1x Options
m68123.17.2 M68hc1x Options
m688813.17.1 M680x0 Options
m68hc113.17.2 M68hc1x Options
m68hc123.17.2 M68hc1x Options
m880003.17.11 M88K Options
m881003.17.11 M88K Options
m881103.17.11 M88K Options
m96bit-long-double3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mabi=323.17.14 MIPS Options
mabi=643.17.14 MIPS Options
mabi=eabi3.17.14 MIPS Options
mabi=n323.17.14 MIPS Options
mabi=o643.17.14 MIPS Options
mabicalls3.17.14 MIPS Options
mabort-on-noreturn3.17.7 ARM Options
maccumulate-outgoing-args3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mads3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
maix323.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
maix643.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
malign-3003.17.20 H8/300 Options
malign-double3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
malign-functions3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
malign-int3.17.1 M680x0 Options
malign-jumps3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
malign-loops3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
malignment-traps3.17.7 ARM Options
malpha-as3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mam333.17.9 MN10300 Options
mapcs3.17.7 ARM Options
mapcs-263.17.7 ARM Options
mapcs-323.17.7 ARM Options
mapcs-frame3.17.7 ARM Options
mapp-regs3.17.4 SPARC Options
march3.17.7 ARM Options
march3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
march3.17.16 HPPA Options
margcount3.17.5 Convex Options
masm-compat3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
masm-optimize3.17.30 D30V Options
mauto-incdec3.17.2 M68hc1x Options
mauto-pic3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mb3.17.21 SH Options
mb-step3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mbackchain3.17.31 S/390 and zSeries Options
mbig3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mbig3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mbig-endian3.17.7 ARM Options
mbig-endian3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mbig-endian3.17.28 MCore Options
mbig-endian3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mbig-endian3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mbig-memory3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mbig-pic3.17.11 M88K Options
mbig-switch3.17.16 HPPA Options
mbig-switch3.17.24 V850 Options
mbigtable3.17.21 SH Options
mbit-align3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mbitfield3.17.1 M680x0 Options
mbitfield3.17.26 NS32K Options
mbk3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mbooleans3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mbranch-cost3.17.30 D30V Options
mbroken-saverestore3.17.4 SPARC Options
mbsd3.17.7 ARM Options
mbuild-constants3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mbw3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mbwx3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mc13.17.5 Convex Options
mc23.17.5 Convex Options
mc3003.17.19 Clipper Options
mc323.17.5 Convex Options
mc343.17.5 Convex Options
mc383.17.5 Convex Options
mc4003.17.19 Clipper Options
mc680003.17.1 M680x0 Options
mc680203.17.1 M680x0 Options
mca3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mcall-aix3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcall-lib-mul3.17.13 IBM RT Options
mcall-linux3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcall-netbsd3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcall-prologues3.17.27 AVR Options
mcall-solaris3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcall-sysv3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcall-sysv-eabi3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcall-sysv-noeabi3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcallee-super-interworking3.17.7 ARM Options
mcaller-super-interworking3.17.7 ARM Options
mcallgraph-data3.17.28 MCore Options
mcallgraph-data3.17.28 MCore Options
mcf3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mcheck-zero-division3.17.11 M88K Options
mcix3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mcmodel=embmedany3.17.4 SPARC Options
mcmodel=medany3.17.4 SPARC Options
mcmodel=medlow3.17.4 SPARC Options
mcmodel=medmid3.17.4 SPARC Options
mcode-align3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mcode-model=large3.17.10 M32R/D Options
mcode-model=medium3.17.10 M32R/D Options
mcode-model=small3.17.10 M32R/D Options
mcomplex-addr3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mcond-exec3.17.30 D30V Options
mconstant-gp3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mcpu3.17.4 SPARC Options
mcpu3.17.7 ARM Options
mcpu3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcpu3.17.14 MIPS Options
mcpu3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mcpu3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mcpu3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mcpu3.17.25 ARC Options
mcpu323.17.1 M680x0 Options
mcypress3.17.4 SPARC Options
MD3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
mdalign3.17.21 SH Options
mdata3.17.25 ARC Options
mdb3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mdebug3.17.31 S/390 and zSeries Options
mdensity3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mdisable-fpregs3.17.16 HPPA Options
mdisable-indexing3.17.16 HPPA Options
mdiv3.17.28 MCore Options
mdiv3.17.28 MCore Options
mdouble-float3.17.14 MIPS Options
mdp-isr-reload3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mdw3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mdwarf2-asm3.17.29 IA-64 Options
meabi3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
memb3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
membedded-data3.17.14 MIPS Options
membedded-pic3.17.14 MIPS Options
mentry3.17.14 MIPS Options
mep3.17.24 V850 Options
mepilogue3.17.4 SPARC Options
mextmem3.17.30 D30V Options
mextmemory3.17.30 D30V Options
MF3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
mfast-fix3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mfast-indirect-calls3.17.16 HPPA Options
mfaster-structs3.17.4 SPARC Options
mfix70003.17.14 MIPS Options
mfixed-range3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mflat3.17.4 SPARC Options
mfmovd3.17.21 SH Options
mfp3.17.7 ARM Options
mfp-arg-in-fpregs3.17.13 IBM RT Options
mfp-arg-in-gregs3.17.13 IBM RT Options
mfp-reg3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mfp-rounding-mode3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mfp-trap-mode3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mfp323.17.14 MIPS Options
mfp643.17.14 MIPS Options
mfpa3.17.1 M680x0 Options
mfpe3.17.7 ARM Options
mfpu3.17.4 SPARC Options
mfull-fp-blocks3.17.13 IBM RT Options
mfull-toc3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mfused-madd3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mfused-madd3.17.32 Xtensa Options
MG3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
mg3.17.3 VAX Options
mgas3.17.14 MIPS Options
mgas3.17.16 HPPA Options
mgas3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mgnu3.17.3 VAX Options
mgnu-as3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mgnu-ld3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mgp323.17.14 MIPS Options
mgp643.17.14 MIPS Options
mgpopt3.17.14 MIPS Options
mh3.17.20 H8/300 Options
mhalf-pic3.17.14 MIPS Options
mhandle-large-shift3.17.11 M88K Options
mhard-float3.17.4 SPARC Options
mhard-float3.17.7 ARM Options
mhard-float3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mhard-float3.17.14 MIPS Options
mhard-float3.17.31 S/390 and zSeries Options
mhard-float3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mhard-quad-float3.17.4 SPARC Options
mhardlit3.17.28 MCore Options
mhardlit3.17.28 MCore Options
mhc-struct-return3.17.13 IBM RT Options
mhc-struct-return9.3 Interoperation
mhimem3.17.26 NS32K Options
mhitachi3.17.21 SH Options
mic-compat3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mic2.0-compat3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mic3.0-compat3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
midentify-revision3.17.11 M88K Options
mieee3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mieee3.17.21 SH Options
mieee-conformant3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mieee-fp3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mieee-with-inexact3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mimpure-text3.17.6 AMD29K Options
min-line-mul3.17.13 IBM RT Options
minit-stack3.17.27 AVR Options
minline-all-stringops3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
minline-divide-max-throughput3.17.29 IA-64 Options
minline-divide-min-latency3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mint323.17.20 H8/300 Options
mint643.17.14 MIPS Options
mintel-asm3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mintel-syntax3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mips13.17.14 MIPS Options
mips163.17.14 MIPS Options
mips23.17.14 MIPS Options
mips33.17.14 MIPS Options
mips43.17.14 MIPS Options
misize3.17.21 SH Options
mjump-in-delay3.17.16 HPPA Options
mka3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mkb3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mkernel-registers3.17.6 AMD29K Options
ml3.17.21 SH Options
mlarge3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mleaf-procedures3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mlinker-opt3.17.16 HPPA Options
mlittle3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mlittle-endian3.17.4 SPARC Options
mlittle-endian3.17.4 SPARC Options
mlittle-endian3.17.7 ARM Options
mlittle-endian3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mlittle-endian3.17.28 MCore Options
mlittle-endian3.17.28 MCore Options
mlittle-endian3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mlittle-endian3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mlive-g03.17.4 SPARC Options
mlong-calls3.17.7 ARM Options
mlong-calls3.17.14 MIPS Options
mlong-calls3.17.24 V850 Options
mlong-double-643.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mlong-load-store3.17.16 HPPA Options
mlong323.17.5 Convex Options
mlong323.17.14 MIPS Options
mlong643.17.5 Convex Options
mlong643.17.14 MIPS Options
mlongcalls3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mloop-unsigned3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
MM3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
mmac163.17.32 Xtensa Options
mmad3.17.14 MIPS Options
mmangle-cpu3.17.25 ARC Options
mmax3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mmc3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mmcu3.17.27 AVR Options
MMD3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
mmemcpy3.17.14 MIPS Options
mmemory-latency3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mmemparm3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mminimal-toc3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mminimum-fp-blocks3.17.13 IBM RT Options
mminmax3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mmips-as3.17.14 MIPS Options
mmips-tfile3.17.14 MIPS Options
mmpyi3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mmul163.17.32 Xtensa Options
mmul323.17.32 Xtensa Options
mmult-bug3.17.9 MN10300 Options
mmulti-add3.17.26 NS32K Options
mmultiple3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mmvcle3.17.31 S/390 and zSeries Options
mmvme3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mnbw3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mndw3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mnew-mnemonics3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-4byte-functions3.17.28 MCore Options
mno-abicalls3.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-align-double3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mno-align-int3.17.1 M680x0 Options
mno-align-stringops3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mno-alignment-traps3.17.7 ARM Options
mno-am333.17.9 MN10300 Options
mno-app-regs3.17.4 SPARC Options
mno-asm-optimize3.17.30 D30V Options
mno-backchain3.17.31 S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-bit-align3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-bk3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mno-booleans3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mno-bwx3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mno-callgraph-data3.17.28 MCore Options
mno-check-zero-division3.17.11 M88K Options
mno-cix3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mno-code-align3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mno-complex-addr3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mno-crt03.17.9 MN10300 Options
mno-db3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mno-debug3.17.31 S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-density3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mno-div3.17.28 MCore Options
mno-dwarf2-asm3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mno-eabi3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-embedded-data3.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-embedded-pic3.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-ep3.17.24 V850 Options
mno-epilogue3.17.4 SPARC Options
mno-fancy-math-3873.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mno-fast-fix3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mno-faster-structs3.17.4 SPARC Options
mno-flat3.17.4 SPARC Options
mno-fp-in-toc3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-fp-regs3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mno-fp-ret-in-3873.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mno-fpu3.17.4 SPARC Options
mno-fused-madd3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-fused-madd3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mno-gnu-as3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mno-gnu-ld3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mno-gpopt3.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-half-pic3.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-hardlit3.17.28 MCore Options
mno-ieee-fp3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mno-impure-text3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mno-interrupts3.17.27 AVR Options
mno-leaf-procedures3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mno-long-calls3.17.7 ARM Options
mno-long-calls3.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-long-calls3.17.24 V850 Options
mno-longcalls3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mno-loop-unsigned3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mno-mac163.17.32 Xtensa Options
mno-mad3.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-max3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mno-memcpy3.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-minmax3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mno-mips-tfile3.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-mips163.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-mpyi3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mno-mul163.17.32 Xtensa Options
mno-mul323.17.32 Xtensa Options
mno-mult-bug3.17.9 MN10300 Options
mno-multiple3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-multm3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mno-mvcle3.17.31 S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-nsa3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mno-ocs-debug-info3.17.11 M88K Options
mno-ocs-frame-position3.17.11 M88K Options
mno-optimize-arg-area3.17.11 M88K Options
mno-parallel-insns3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mno-parallel-mpy3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mno-pic3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mno-power3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-power23.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-powerpc3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-powerpc-gfxopt3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-powerpc-gpopt3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-powerpc643.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-prolog-function3.17.24 V850 Options
mno-prototype3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-push-args3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mno-register-names3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mno-regnames3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-relax-immediate3.17.28 MCore Options
mno-relocatable3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-relocatable-lib3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-reuse-arg-regs3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mno-rnames3.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-rptb3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mno-rpts3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mno-sched-prolog3.17.7 ARM Options
mno-sdata3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-sdata3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mno-serialize-volatile3.17.11 M88K Options
mno-serialize-volatile3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mno-serialize-volatile9.3 Interoperation
mno-sext3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mno-short-load-bytes3.17.7 ARM Options
mno-short-load-words3.17.7 ARM Options
mno-slow-bytes3.17.28 MCore Options
mno-small-exec3.17.31 S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-soft-float3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mno-space-regs3.17.16 HPPA Options
mno-split-addresses3.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-stack-bias3.17.4 SPARC Options
mno-stack-check3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mno-stats3.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-storem-bug3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mno-strict-align3.17.1 M680x0 Options
mno-strict-align3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-strict-align3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mno-string3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-sum-in-toc3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-svr3-shlib3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mno-symrename3.17.7 ARM Options
mno-tablejump3.17.27 AVR Options
mno-tail-call3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mno-target-align3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mno-text-section-literals3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mno-toc3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-unaligned-doubles3.17.4 SPARC Options
mno-underscores3.17.11 M88K Options
mno-uninit-const-in-rodata3.17.14 MIPS Options
mno-update3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-volatile-asm-stop3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mno-wide-bitfields3.17.28 MCore Options
mno-xl-call3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mnoargcount3.17.5 Convex Options
mnobitfield3.17.1 M680x0 Options
mnobitfield3.17.26 NS32K Options
mnohc-struct-return3.17.13 IBM RT Options
mnohimem3.17.26 NS32K Options
mnomacsave3.17.21 SH Options
mnomulti-add3.17.26 NS32K Options
mnop-fun-dllimport3.17.7 ARM Options
mnoregparam3.17.26 NS32K Options
mnormal3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mnosb3.17.26 NS32K Options
mnsa3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mnumerics3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mocs-debug-info3.17.11 M88K Options
mocs-frame-position3.17.11 M88K Options
mold-align3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mold-mnemonics3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
momit-leaf-frame-pointer3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
monchip3.17.30 D30V Options
moptimize-arg-area3.17.11 M88K Options
MP3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
mpa-risc-1-03.17.16 HPPA Options
mpa-risc-1-13.17.16 HPPA Options
mpa-risc-2-03.17.16 HPPA Options
mpadstruct3.17.21 SH Options
mparallel-insns3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mparallel-mpy3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mparanoid3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mpcrel3.17.1 M680x0 Options
mpe3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpentium3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mpentiumpro3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mpic-register3.17.7 ARM Options
mpoke-function-name3.17.7 ARM Options
mportable-runtime3.17.16 HPPA Options
mpower3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpower23.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpowerpc3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpowerpc-gfxopt3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpowerpc-gpopt3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpowerpc643.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mprefergot3.17.21 SH Options
mpreferred-stack-boundary3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mprolog-function3.17.24 V850 Options
mprototype3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpush-args3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
MQ3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
mreg-alloc3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mregister-names3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mregnames3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mregparam3.17.26 NS32K Options
mregparm3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mregparm3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mrelax3.17.8 MN10200 Options
mrelax3.17.9 MN10300 Options
mrelax3.17.20 H8/300 Options
mrelax3.17.21 SH Options
mrelax-immediate3.17.28 MCore Options
mrelax-immediate3.17.28 MCore Options
mrelocatable3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mrelocatable-lib3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mreuse-arg-regs3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mrnames3.17.14 MIPS Options
mrodata3.17.25 ARC Options
mrptb3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mrpts3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mrtd3.17.1 M680x0 Options
mrtd3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mrtd3.17.26 NS32K Options
mrtd5.26 Declaring Attributes of Functions
ms3.17.20 H8/300 Options
ms26003.17.20 H8/300 Options
msa3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
msb3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
msb3.17.26 NS32K Options
mschedule3.17.16 HPPA Options
msda3.17.24 V850 Options
msdata3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msdata3.17.29 IA-64 Options
msdata-data3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msdata=default3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msdata=eabi3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msdata=none3.17.10 M32R/D Options
msdata=none3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msdata=sdata3.17.10 M32R/D Options
msdata=sysv3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msdata=use3.17.10 M32R/D Options
mserialize-volatile3.17.11 M88K Options
mserialize-volatile3.17.32 Xtensa Options
msext3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mshort3.17.1 M680x0 Options
mshort3.17.2 M68hc1x Options
mshort-data3.17.11 M88K Options
mshort-load-bytes3.17.7 ARM Options
mshort-load-words3.17.7 ARM Options
msim3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msingle-float3.17.14 MIPS Options
msingle-pic-base3.17.7 ARM Options
msize3.17.27 AVR Options
mslow-bytes3.17.28 MCore Options
mslow-bytes3.17.28 MCore Options
msmall3.17.6 AMD29K Options
msmall3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
msmall-exec3.17.31 S/390 and zSeries Options
msmall-memory3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
msoft-float3.17.1 M680x0 Options
msoft-float3.17.4 SPARC Options
msoft-float3.17.6 AMD29K Options
msoft-float3.17.7 ARM Options
msoft-float3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msoft-float3.17.14 MIPS Options
msoft-float3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
msoft-float3.17.16 HPPA Options
msoft-float3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
msoft-float3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
msoft-float3.17.26 NS32K Options
msoft-float3.17.31 S/390 and zSeries Options
msoft-float3.17.32 Xtensa Options
msoft-float16. Interfacing to GCC Output
msoft-quad-float3.17.4 SPARC Options
msoft-reg-count3.17.2 M68hc1x Options
mspace3.17.21 SH Options
mspace3.17.24 V850 Options
msparclite3.17.4 SPARC Options
msplit-addresses3.17.14 MIPS Options
mstack-bias3.17.4 SPARC Options
mstack-check3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mstats3.17.14 MIPS Options
mstorem-bug3.17.6 AMD29K Options
mstrict-align3.17.1 M680x0 Options
mstrict-align3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mstrict-align3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mstring3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mstructure-size-boundary3.17.7 ARM Options
msupersparc3.17.4 SPARC Options
msvr33.17.11 M88K Options
msvr3-shlib3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
msvr43.17.11 M88K Options
MT3.11 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
mtail-call3.17.17 Intel 960 Options
mtarget-align3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mtda3.17.24 V850 Options
mtext3.17.25 ARC Options
mtext-section-literals3.17.32 Xtensa Options
mthreads3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mthreads3.17.15 Intel 386 Options
mthumb3.17.7 ARM Options
mthumb-interwork3.17.7 ARM Options
mti3.17.23 TMS320C3x/C4x Options
mtiny-stack3.17.27 AVR Options
mtoc3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mtpcs-frame3.17.7 ARM Options
mtpcs-leaf-frame3.17.7 ARM Options
mtrap-large-shift3.17.11 M88K Options
mtrap-precision3.17.18 DEC Alpha Options
mtune3.17.4 SPARC Options
mtune3.17.7 ARM Options
mtune3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
munaligned-doubles3.17.4 SPARC Options
muninit-const-in-rodata3.17.14 MIPS Options
munix3.17.3 VAX Options
mupdate3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
muse-div-instruction3.17.11 M88K Options
muser-registers3.17.6 AMD29K Options
musermode3.17.21 SH Options
mv83.17.4 SPARC Options
mv8503.17.24 V850 Options
mversion- M88K Options
mvolatile-asm-stop3.17.29 IA-64 Options
mvolatile-cache3.17.5 Convex Options
mvolatile-nocache3.17.5 Convex Options
mvxworks3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mwarn-passed-structs3.17.11 M88K Options
mwide-bitfields3.17.28 MCore Options
mwide-bitfields3.17.28 MCore Options
mwords-little-endian3.17.7 ARM Options
mxl-call3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mxopen3.17.7 ARM Options
myellowknife3.17.12 IBM RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mzda3.17.24 V850 Options

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