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Index: D

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Index Entry Section

DAbs intrinsic10.11.9.55 DAbs Intrinsic
DACos intrinsic10.11.9.56 DACos Intrinsic
DACosD intrinsic12.5.2.20 DACosD Intrinsic
DASin intrinsic10.11.9.57 DASin Intrinsic
DASinD intrinsic12.5.2.21 DASinD Intrinsic
DATA statement7.10 Options for Code Generation Conventions
DATA statement18.2 Known Bugs In GNU Fortran
data types12.3 Compiler Types
data, aligned17.6.1 Aligned Data
data, overwritten18.1.8 Strange Behavior at Run Time
DATan intrinsic10.11.9.58 DATan Intrinsic
DATan2 intrinsic10.11.9.59 DATan2 Intrinsic
DATan2D intrinsic12.5.2.22 DATan2D Intrinsic
DATanD intrinsic12.5.2.23 DATanD Intrinsic
Date intrinsic12.5.2.24 Date Intrinsic
Date_and_Time intrinsic10.11.9.60 Date_and_Time Intrinsic
date_y2kbuggy_012.2.2 Year 2000 (Y2K) Problems
DbesJ0 intrinsic10.11.9.61 DbesJ0 Intrinsic
DbesJ1 intrinsic10.11.9.62 DbesJ1 Intrinsic
DbesJN intrinsic10.11.9.63 DbesJN Intrinsic
DbesY0 intrinsic10.11.9.64 DbesY0 Intrinsic
DbesY1 intrinsic10.11.9.65 DbesY1 Intrinsic
DbesYN intrinsic10.11.9.66 DbesYN Intrinsic
Dble intrinsic10.11.9.67 Dble Intrinsic
DbleQ intrinsic12.5.2.25 DbleQ Intrinsic
DCmplx intrinsic12.5.2.26 DCmplx Intrinsic
DConjg intrinsic12.5.2.27 DConjg Intrinsic
DCos intrinsic10.11.9.68 DCos Intrinsic
DCosD intrinsic12.5.2.28 DCosD Intrinsic
DCosH intrinsic10.11.9.69 DCosH Intrinsic
DDiM intrinsic10.11.9.70 DDiM Intrinsic
debug line11.3 Debug Line
debug line18.3.33 Enabling Debug Lines
debug_rtx20.3 How to Report Bugs
debugger5. What is GNU Fortran?
debugger18.2 Known Bugs In GNU Fortran
debugging16. Debugging and Interfacing
debugging16.1 Main Program Unit (PROGRAM)
debugging16.4 Names
debugging18.2 Known Bugs In GNU Fortran
debugging information options7.6 Options for Debugging Your Program or GNU Fortran
debugging main source code18.2 Known Bugs In GNU Fortran
DECODE statement18.3.22 ENCODE and DECODE
deleted intrinsics12.5.1 Intrinsic Groups
DErF intrinsic10.11.9.71 DErF Intrinsic
DErFC intrinsic10.11.9.72 DErFC Intrinsic
DExp intrinsic10.11.9.73 DExp Intrinsic
DFloat intrinsic12.5.2.29 DFloat Intrinsic
DFlotI intrinsic12.5.2.30 DFlotI Intrinsic
DFlotJ intrinsic12.5.2.31 DFlotJ Intrinsic
diagnostics25. Diagnostics
diagnostics, incorrect5. What is GNU Fortran?
dialect options7.4 Options Controlling Fortran Dialect
Digital Fortran features7.4 Options Controlling Fortran Dialect
Digits intrinsic10.11.9.74 Digits Intrinsic
DiM intrinsic10.11.9.75 DiM Intrinsic
DImag intrinsic12.5.2.32 DImag Intrinsic
DIMENSION statement16.8 Arrays (DIMENSION)
DIMENSION statement16.9 Adjustable Arrays (DIMENSION)
DIMENSION statement18.3.10 Array Bounds Expressions
DIMENSION X(1)11.9.2 Ugly Assumed-Size Arrays
dimensioning arrays16.9 Adjustable Arrays (DIMENSION)
DInt intrinsic10.11.9.76 DInt Intrinsic
direction of language development10.1 Direction of Language Development
directive, #include20.3 How to Report Bugs
directive, INCLUDE7.8 Options Controlling the Preprocessor
directive, INCLUDE7.9 Options for Directory Search
directive, INCLUDE20.3 How to Report Bugs
directory, options7.9 Options for Directory Search
directory, search paths for inclusion7.9 Options for Directory Search
disabled intrinsics12.5.1 Intrinsic Groups
disk full15.3.2 Always Flush Output
disk full17.4.8 Output Assumed To Flush
displaying main source code18.2 Known Bugs In GNU Fortran
disposition of files18.3.21 OPEN, CLOSE, and INQUIRE Keywords
distensions11.9 Distensions
DLog intrinsic10.11.9.77 DLog Intrinsic
DLog10 intrinsic10.11.9.78 DLog10 Intrinsic
DMax1 intrinsic10.11.9.79 DMax1 Intrinsic
DMin1 intrinsic10.11.9.80 DMin1 Intrinsic
DMod intrinsic10.11.9.81 DMod Intrinsic
DNInt intrinsic10.11.9.82 DNInt Intrinsic
DNRM2In EGCS 1.1 versus g77 0.5.23:
DNRM2In 0.5.22 versus 0.5.21:
DO10.10.1 DO WHILE
DO loops, one-trip7.4 Options Controlling Fortran Dialect
DO loops, zero-trip7.4 Options Controlling Fortran Dialect
DO statement7.5 Options to Request or Suppress Warnings
DO statement17.3 Loops
DO WHILE7.7 Options That Control Optimization
dollar sign7.4 Options Controlling Fortran Dialect
dollar sign10.13 I/O
dollar sign11.4 Dollar Signs in Symbol Names
Dot_Product intrinsic10.11.9.83 Dot_Product Intrinsic
DOUBLE COMPLEX type12.3 Compiler Types
DOUBLE PRECISION type12.3 Compiler Types
double quote10.6.1 GNU Fortran Character Set
double quoted character constants10.7.4 Character Type
double quoted character constants10.14 Fortran 90 Features
double quotes11.6.1 Meaning of Double Quote
double-precision performanceIn 0.5.25, GCC 2.95 (EGCS 1.2) versus EGCS 1.1.2:
double-precision performanceIn EGCS 1.1 versus g77 0.5.23:
double-precision performanceIn 0.5.25, GCC 2.95 (EGCS 1.2) versus EGCS 1.1.2:
double-precision performanceIn EGCS 1.1 versus g77 0.5.23:
DProd intrinsic10.11.9.84 DProd Intrinsic
DReal intrinsic12.5.2.33 DReal Intrinsic
driver, gcc command as5. What is GNU Fortran?
DSign intrinsic10.11.9.85 DSign Intrinsic
DSin intrinsic10.11.9.86 DSin Intrinsic
DSinD intrinsic12.5.2.34 DSinD Intrinsic
DSinH intrinsic10.11.9.87 DSinH Intrinsic
DSqRt intrinsic10.11.9.88 DSqRt Intrinsic
DTan intrinsic10.11.9.89 DTan Intrinsic
DTanD intrinsic12.5.2.35 DTanD Intrinsic
DTanH intrinsic10.11.9.90 DTanH Intrinsic
DTime intrinsic10.11.9.91 DTime Intrinsic (subroutine)
DTime intrinsic12.5.2.36 DTime Intrinsic (function)
dummies, unused7.5 Options to Request or Suppress Warnings

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