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Re: [PATCH 2/2] PR libstdc++/86756 Move rest of std::filesystem to

On 09/01/19 13:53 +0100, Christophe Lyon wrote:
On Wed, 9 Jan 2019 at 11:11, Jonathan Wakely <> wrote:

On 09/01/19 10:09 +0000, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>On 08/01/19 11:13 +0100, Christophe Lyon wrote:
>>On Mon, 7 Jan 2019 at 15:14, Christophe Lyon <> wrote:
>>>On Mon, 7 Jan 2019 at 13:39, Jonathan Wakely <> wrote:
>>>> On 07/01/19 09:48 +0000, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>>>> >On 07/01/19 10:24 +0100, Christophe Lyon wrote:
>>>> >>Hi Jonathan
>>>> >>
>>>> >>On Sun, 6 Jan 2019 at 23:37, Jonathan Wakely <> wrote:
>>>> >>>
>>>> >>>Move std::filesystem directory iterators and operations from
>>>> >>>libstdc++fs.a to main libstdc++ library. These components have many
>>>> >>>dependencies on OS support, which is not available on all targets. Some
>>>> >>>additional autoconf checks and conditional compilation is needed to
>>>> >>>ensure the files will build for all targets. Previously this code was
>>>> >>>not compiled without --enable-libstdcxx-filesystem-ts but the C++17
>>>> >>>components should be available for all hosted builds.
>>>> >>>
>>>> >>>The tests for these components no longer need to link to libstdc++fs.a,
>>>> >>>but are not expected to pass on all targets. To avoid numerous failures
>>>> >>>on targets which are not expected to pass the tests (due to missing OS
>>>> >>>functionality) leave the dg-require-filesystem-ts directives in place
>>>> >>>for now. This will ensure the tests only run for builds where the
>>>> >>>filesystem-ts library is built, which presumably means some level of OS
>>>> >>>support is present.
>>>> >>>
>>>> >>>
>>>> >>>Tested x86_64-linux (old/new string ABIs, 32/64 bit), x86_64-w64-mingw32.
>>>> >>>
>>>> >>>Committed to trunk.
>>>> >>>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>After this commit (r267616), I've noticed build failures for my
>>>> >>newlib-based toolchains:
>>>> >>aarch64-elf, arm-eabi:
>>>> >>
>>>> >>In file included from
>>>> >>/tmp/5241593_7.tmpdir/aci-gcc-fsf/sources/gcc-fsf/gccsrc/libstdc++-v3/src/c++17/
>>>> >>/tmp/5241593_7.tmpdir/aci-gcc-fsf/sources/gcc-fsf/gccsrc/libstdc++-v3/src/c++17/../filesystem/ops-common.h:142:11:
>>>> >>error: '::truncate' has not been declared
>>>> >> 142 |   using ::truncate;
>>>> >>     |           ^~~~~~~~
>>>> >>/tmp/5241593_7.tmpdir/aci-gcc-fsf/sources/gcc-fsf/gccsrc/libstdc++-v3/src/c++17/
>>>> >>In function 'void std::filesystem::resize_file(const
>>>> >>std::filesystem::__cxx11::path&, uintmax_t, std::error_code&)':
>>>> >>/tmp/5241593_7.tmpdir/aci-gcc-fsf/sources/gcc-fsf/gccsrc/libstdc++-v3/src/c++17/
>>>> >>error: 'truncate' is not a member of 'posix'
>>>> >>1274 |   else if (posix::truncate(p.c_str(), size))
>>>> >>     |                   ^~~~~~~~
>>>> >>make[5]: *** [fs_ops.lo] Error 1
>>>> >>
>>>> >>I'm not sure if there's an obvious fix? Note that I'm using a rather
>>>> >>old newlib version, if that matters.
>>>> >
>>>> >That's probably the reason, as I didn't see this in my tests with
>>>> >newlib builds.
>>>> >
>>>> >The fix is to add yet another autoconf check and guard the uses of
>>>> >truncate with a _GLIBCXX_USE_TRUNCATE macro. I'll do that now ...
>>>> Should be fixed with this patch, committed to trunk as r267647.
>>>Yes, it works. Thanks!
>>Hi Jonathan,
>>So... this was a confirmation that the GCC build succeeded, not that
>>the tests pass :)
>>And there are actually a couple new errors with my newlib-based toolchains:
>>FAIL: 27_io/filesystem/operations/ (test for excess errors)
>>FAIL: 27_io/filesystem/operations/ (test for excess errors)
>>FAIL: 27_io/filesystem/path/generation/ (test for excess errors)
>>which are also UNRESOLVED, because of link-time undefined reference to `chdir',
>>chmod, mkdir, pathconf and getcwd.
>Ah, I was assuming if <unistd.h> is present, then those basic
>functions will be present. More autoconf checks needed, I guess.
>That isn't hard to do, just tedious.
>>On aarch64, I'm seeing an addtional:
>>FAIL: 27_io/filesystem/path/compare/ execution test
>>void test01(): Assertion ' ==' failed.
>Odd, I don't know why that would be target-specific. It's probably
>just latent on other targets. I'll try to reproduce it on my aarch64
>system, but it will take a while to build current trunk.
>If you have time, could you please apply this patch, re-run that test

*This* patch:

--- a/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/27_io/filesystem/path/compare/
+++ b/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/27_io/filesystem/path/compare/
@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ test01()
     path p(s);
     VERIFY( == 0 );
     VERIFY( == 0 );
+    __builtin_printf("Comparing %s as path:%d as string:%d\n", s.c_str(),,;
     VERIFY( == );
     VERIFY( == );

>(cd $target/libstdc++-v3 && make check
>RUNTESTFLAGS=conformance.exp=*/path/compare/strings/cc) and send me
>the output from the $target/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/libstdc++.log file?
>On x86_64 I get:
>Comparing  as path:-1 as string:-1
>Comparing / as path:-1 as string:-1
>Comparing // as path:-1 as string:-1
>Comparing /. as path:-51 as string:-51
>Comparing /./ as path:-51 as string:-51
>Comparing /a as path:-2 as string:-2
>Comparing /a/ as path:-1 as string:-1
>Comparing /a// as path:-1 as string:-1
>Comparing /a/b/c/d as path:1 as string:1
>Comparing /a//b as path:1 as string:1
>Comparing a as path:-1 as string:-1
>Comparing a/b as path:-1 as string:-1
>Comparing a/b/ as path:-1 as string:-1
>Comparing a/b/c as path:-1 as string:-1
>Comparing a/b/c.d as path:-1 as string:-1
>Comparing a/b/.. as path:-1 as string:-1
>Comparing a/b/c. as path:-1 as string:-1
>Comparing a/b/.c as path:-1 as string:-1
>PASS: 27_io/filesystem/path/compare/ execution test

Here is what I have on aarch64-none-elf:
Comparing  as path:-1 as string:-1^M
Comparing / as path:-1 as string:-1^M
Comparing // as path:-1 as string:-1^M
Comparing /. as path:-102 as string:-51^M

Ah, that should help me fix it - thanks.

void test01(): Assertion ' ==' failed.^M
*** EXIT code 4242^M
emu: host signal 6^M
FAIL: 27_io/filesystem/path/compare/ execution test

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