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Re: Extend usage of C++11 direct init in __debug::vector

On 15/10/18 07:23 +0200, François Dumont wrote:
This patch extend usage of C++11 direct initialization in __debug::vector and makes some calls to operator - more consistent.

Note that I also rewrote following expression in erase method:

-      return begin() + (__first.base() - cbegin().base());
+      return { _Base::begin() + (__first.base() - _Base::cbegin()), this };

The latter version was building 2 safe iterators and incrementing 1 with the additional debug check inherent to such an operation whereas the new version just build 1 safe iterator with directly the expected offset.

Makes sense.

2018-10-15  François Dumont  <>

    * include/debug/vector (vector<>::cbegin()): Use C++11 direct
    (vector<>::cend()): Likewise.
    (vector<>::emplace(const_iterator, _Args&&...)): Likewise and use
    consistent iterator comparison.
    (vector<>::insert(const_iterator, size_type, const _Tp&)): Likewise.
    (vector<>::insert(const_iterator, _InputIterator, _InputIterator)):
    (vector<>::erase(const_iterator)): Likewise.
    (vector<>::erase(const_iterator, const_iterator)): Likewise.

Tested under Linux x86_64 Debug mode and committed.


@@ -542,7 +542,8 @@ namespace __debug
	bool __realloc = this->_M_requires_reallocation(this->size() + 1);
-	difference_type __offset = __position.base() - _Base::begin();
+	difference_type __offset
+	  = __position.base() - __position._M_get_sequence()->_M_base().begin();

What's the reason for this change?

Doesn't __glibcxx_check_insert(__position) already ensure that
__position is attached to *this, and so _Base::begin() returns the
same thing as __position._M_get_sequence()->_M_base().begin() ?

If they're equivalent, the original code seems more readable.

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