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Re: [PATCH] detect incompatible aliases (PR c/81854)

On Wed, 20 Sep 2017, Steve Ellcey wrote:

> > I'm not intimately familiar with the Glibc ifunc infrastructure
> > to suggest a good solution here, so assuming this works my only
> > idea is to suppress the warning for these builds.
> > 
> > Joseph, do you have a better suggestion?
> > 
> > Martin
> Now that I know building GCC with '--enable-gnu-indirect-function' lets
> me build GLIBC with IFUNCs maybe it is time for GLIBC to require this
> instead of just recommending it.  Though I guess that is a discussion
> to take over to the libc-alpha mailing list.

We should not break builds with default GCC configurations, for any GCC 
version supported for building glibc.  The point to require that option is 
the point where all GCC versions supported for building glibc default to 
that option on all architectures for which IFUNCs are used in glibc (and 
even then you'd have to allow for the case of --enable-multi-arch 
defaulting to on because new binutils has IFUNC support and not break 
builds with GCC predating that binutils version - really, the 
architecture-specific default in GCC is very questionable).

Joseph S. Myers

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