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Re: [PATCH] PR libstdc++/79162 ambiguity in string assignment due to string_view overload (LWG 2946)

On 30/07/17 15:01 +0200, Daniel Krügler wrote:
2017-07-28 22:40 GMT+02:00 Daniel Krügler <>:
2017-07-28 22:29 GMT+02:00 Daniel Krügler <>:
2017-07-28 22:25 GMT+02:00 Tim Song <>:
On Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 4:10 PM, Daniel Krügler
<> wrote:
+      // Performs an implicit conversion from _Tp to __sv_type.
+      template<typename _Tp>
+        static __sv_type _S_to_string_view(const _Tp& __svt)
+        {
+          return __svt;
+        }

I might have gone for

+        static __sv_type _S_to_string_view(__sv_type __svt) noexcept
+        {
+          return __svt;
+        }

With that, we can also use noexcept(_S_to_string_view(__t)) to make up
for the absence of is_nothrow_convertible (basically the same thing I
did in LWG 2993's PR).

Agreed, that makes very much sense. I will adjust the P/R, but before
I resubmit I would like to get feedback whether the other two compare
functions also should become conditionally noexcept.

Locally I have now performed the sole change of the _S_to_string_view
declaration getting rid of the template, but would also like to gather
feedback from the maintainers whether I should also change the form of
the conditional noexcept to use the expression


instead of the current

is_same<_Tp, __sv_type>::value

as suggested by Tim Song.

I'm asking also, because I have a paper proposing to standardize
is_nothrow_convertible submitted for the upcoming C++ mailing - This
would be one of the first applications in the library ;-)

A slightly revised patch update: It replaces the _S_to_string_view
template by a simpler _S_to_string_view function as of Tim Song's
suggestion, but still uses the simplified noexcept specification
deferring it to a future application case for is_nothrow_convertible.
Furthermore now all three compare function templates are now
(conditionally) noexcept by an (off-list) suggestion from Jonathan

I've committed this, after some whitespace fixes and testing.


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