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Re: Debug mode lite plan

I really like this idea, and will be happy to review any patches when
they are done. I've meant to do this for years (and failed), I believe
it has been proposed before but (I assume) never committed. That
shouldn't stop you from doing it again!

My only criticism (and I realise this sounds like bikesheding) is that
the name is far too cute :) Perhaps _GLIBCXX_DEBUG_LITE ? (I believe
that has been suggested before, but don't believe it was ever


On 31 July 2015 at 20:56, FranÃois Dumont <> wrote:
> Hi
>     I am going to work on debug mode lite and would like to share with
> you what I plan to do.
>     As announced debug mode lite will be a limited debug mode that is to
> say:
> - O(1) debug checks
> - ABI compatible
>     O(1) should be considered as limited performance impact. It is not
> easy to forecast if a debug check will have an impact cause even if the
> check has a O(1) complexity it can be called in a O(N) higher level algo
> resulting in a noticeable impact. But you get the idea.
>     ABI compatible means that when activated you will be able to build a
> single translation and have it linked smoothly with the rest of the
> application. I still plan to use inlined namespace in this mode. Debug
> mode containers will simply be abi compatible with normal ones. So no
> more safe iterator list maintained in the container in this mode. I even
> hope that we will be able to use string debug implementation in this
> mode so that we do not need to inject all sorts of debug checks in
> normal implementation. That's the trickiest part of this plan, just tell
> me if it simply can't work.
>     Regarding the name of this mode I was thinking about _GLIBCXX_DBG,
> which is a limited way to write _GBLIBCXX_DEBUG.
> FranÃois

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