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Fwd: [GSoC] __enable_shared_from_this_helper

[libstdc++ PATCH] Implement __is_nothrow_swappable and use it

[libstdc++ PATCH] Implement observer_ptr

[Patch AArch64] Add cpu_defines.h for AArch64.

[Patch ARM] Add cpu_defines.h for ARM

[Patch libstdc++] Rewrite cpu/generic/atomic_word.h

Re: [PATCH] [libstdc++] Add uniform container erasure.

[patch] Add std::raw_storage_iterator::base() member

[patch] Clean up detection of SJLJ exceptions in target libraries

[patch] Constructing std::shared_ptr from an empty std::unique_ptr

[patch] Define non-inline destructor for filesystem_error

[patch] Fix std::experimental::any for small, non-trivial objects

Re: [patch] Implement ISO/IEC TS 18822 C++ File system TS

[patch] Implement std::pointer_safety etc.

[patch] libstdc++/56117 make std::async launch new threads by default

Re: [patch] libstdc++/64657 support iterators with overloaded comma operator

[patch] libstdc++/65978 LWG 2275 and 2301, constexpr forward_as_tuple and tie

[patch] libstdc++/66011 Fix various filesystem operations

[patch] libstdc++/66017 Avoid bad casts and fix alignment of _Rb_tree_node<long long>::_M_storage

[patch] libstdc++/66018 avoid AC_SEARCH_LIBS test

[patch] libstdc++/66055 add missing constructors to unordered containers

[patch] libstdc++/66078 __make_move_if_noexcept_iterator should return a constant iterator or a move iterator

Re: [PATCH] libstdc++: Fix xmethods test.

[patch] LWG 2418 make std:experimental::apply() work with pointers to member

[patch] LWG 2440 std::seed_seq::size() should be noexcept

[patch] Make std::string default constructor conditionally noexcept

[patch] Optimize std::list when using new ABI

[patch] Rename template parameter of std::__alloc_rebind

[patch] std::experimental::gcd and std::experimental::lcd

[patch] std::experimental::ostream_joiner

[patch] std::packaged_task(allocator_arg_t, const A&, F&&) should not be explicit

[patch] std::polar requires non-negative rho

[patch] Update libstdc++ status docs, add C++17 status

[patch] Use deleted functions to make std::locale::facet non-copyable

Re: [PATCH][libstc++v3]Add new dg-require-thread-fence directive.

[PATCH][libstdc++-v3] Add _GLIBCXX_HAVE_LIMIT_FSIZE to guard 27_io/fpos/

[v3 patch] Fix some Filesystem TS operations

[v3 patch] Implement LWG 2466 (allocator_traits::max_size() is stoopid)

Re: [WIP] Support C++11 <cuchar>

Aw: Re: TR1 Special Math

debug mode maintenance patch

Demangle symbols in debug assertion messages

Enhance std::hash for pointers

miter_base simplification

Musings on N4169, std::invoke function template

Re: Question about macro _GLIBCXX_RES_LIMITS in libstdc++ testsuite

Question about std::terminate() in __cxa_pure_virtual()

TR1 Special Math

v3 PATCH to avoid -Wsized-deallocation warnings with C++14 compiler

v3 PATCH to fix libstdc++ build/test with C++11 default compiler

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