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Re: Problem with messages test ?

I managed to make it work.

2 issues:
- gettext tools no installed so .mo files not generated. Once those install I face: - LANGUAGE env variable set to en_US. In this case the glibc discard the currently selected locale object and will always translate to this language.

I will try to find a way to protect those tests against the 1st issue, a new dg-require-xxx function I guess.

About the second, could we reset LANGUAGE during those tests ? Maybe directly in the test ?


On 23/11/2014 05:22, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
On 22/11/14 23:15 +0100, François Dumont wrote:

I realized that the fr_FR locale was not installed on my system, fr_FR.utf8 is but tests are checking exactly for fr_FR. So I installed it and test:


is failing. This test rely on some translations files to be installed for testing purpose. It looks like they are not anymore. I remember that there have been some modifications done to the build script, can it explain the regression ? Does anyone can confirm it ?

No, it passes for me:

PASS: 22_locale/messages/members/char/ (test for excess errors)
PASS: 22_locale/messages/members/char/ execution test

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