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Re: Proprietary software with modified version of libstdc++..

Let me try this again. Send html version by mistake.

On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 7:24 PM, Jonathan Wakely <> wrote:
> On 6 November 2014 02:41, Pankaj Chauhan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I wanted to get your opinion about shipping proprietary software built with
>> a version of libstdc++ that we had to modify to address the bug below.
>> This has hit us really hard, manifesting in multiple, painful to debug
>> crashes.
> Why do you need to use such an ancient version then?


Apologies if I didn't make it clear. We're using gcc 4.8 series. The
bug we're hitting was actually introduced by the EINTR loop around
fclose (thus the double fclose that it entails), and our modification
is to restore it to the version prior to this bug fix.

>> Does the GPL+exceptions license of libstdc++ allow use to ship our software,
>> where we have modified the version of fstream? If not, it effectively means
>> we have to invent our own fstream, or use plain C style file I/O.
> Ask a lawyer and read

Thanks for pointing this out. I had read, but not
this more detailed FAQ.

> Assuming your modified version is GPL-compatible this is relevant:
> "So, if you use GCC, with or without GPL-compatible enhancements, that
> would be an Eligible Compilation Process."

It sounds like we'll be in the clear, as long as we distribute the
patch to fstream, along with our software. We'll get it run by the
lawyer as well.



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