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Re: Add std::unordered_* C++11 allocator support

On 6 April 2013 19:53, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> I'm not very comfortable with the "mutable value type" part which
> accesses the stored value through a pointer to a different type. This
> violates strict aliasing rules and would also give the wrong result if
> users provide an explicit specialization of std::pair<int, Foo> which
> stores pair::second before pair::first, then tries to store that type
> in an unordered_map.  When a pair<const int, Foo>* is cast to
> pair<int, Foo>* the user's explicit specialization would not be used
> and the layout would be wrong.

Here's a testcase that fails due to the casting done by _ReuseOrAllocNode

#include <unordered_map>
#include <cassert>

struct Foo {
  int data = 0;

namespace std {
    struct pair<int, Foo>
      pair() : second(), first() { }
      pair(int i, Foo f) : second(f), first(i) { }

      template<typename T, typename U>
        pair(const pair<T, U>& p) : second(p.second), first(p.first) { }

      template<typename T, typename U,
               typename = decltype(std::declval<Foo&>() = std::declval<U&>()),
               typename = decltype(std::declval<int&>() = std::declval<T&>())>
        pair& operator=(const pair<T, U>& p)
          first = p.first;
          second = p.second;
          return *this;

      Foo second;
      int first;

int main()
  std::unordered_map<int, Foo> m{ { 1, {} } };
  auto mm = m;
  m = mm;
  assert( m.count(1) == 1 );

The map ends up containing {0,1} instead of {1,0}

I believe the code above is valid, if it isn't then it only needs some
additional constructors and operators added to make it meet the
requirements of std::pair, but that wouldn't change the bad behaviour
of the example above.

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