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Re: Rewriting bitmap_allocator

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 3:45 PM, Benjamin De Kosnik <> wrote:
>> With increasing memory sizes, and increasing difference between the
>> size of CPU caches and main memory, improving locality and reducing
>> the per-object allocation overhead seems to have become an important
>> idea. The current bitmap_allocator has been crashing on me (even
>> though it provides excellent cache locality).
> Maybe step one is to add a test that crashes on you when you
> use it.

I've been on it, but it seems hard to reproduce. I am beginning to
think that it's been caused as a result of the application corrupting
the bitmap.

>> With that in mind, I would like to propose a re-write of the
>> bitmap_allocator<> now that I have a better idea of how it can be
>> implemented. I would be happy to present a proposal for the same (with
>> details) if it is a thing of interest.
> Please. Bonus if you can figure out a way to remove __mini_vector or
> scope it such that it is clearly and implementation detail.

Sure. Let me know other things that strike you as kludgy, and I'll try
to iron them out. I am guessing an anonymous namespace is what you
have in mind.

Here is a link to the pdf (list didn't allow attachments):


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