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Re: iter_swap on move_iterator

On 19/05/12 01:07, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
On 18 May 2012 19:12, Daniel Krügler wrote:
2012/5/18 François Dumont<>:
On 05/17/2012 08:47 PM, Daniel Krügler wrote:
2012/5/17 François Dumont<>:

    While working on removal of code duplications in algos implementation
challenge them with move_iterator. I started with stable_sort and it
compile. I summarize the problem to the fact that iter_swap can't be used
move_iterator. As, in C++11, iter_swap simply forward to swap(*__a, *__b)
is normal that it can't accept rvalue but shouldn't iter_swap be adapted
accept move_iterator ?
Yes, when the referenced type (or the iterator's reference) provides a
swap overload
that accepts rvalues. Remember that move_iterator will produce an rvalue
on dereference, this rvalue is provided to the swap overload that is found
by ADL. Given your description I would expect that the test type does not
provide a swap overload accepting rvalues, thus the std::swap is selected,
but cannot accept the arguments.
Ok for how to have iter_swap work with move_iterator, users must grant the
necessary swap overload. But what about the other algos like stable_sort I
have tested at first ? Shouldn't they be adapted to work with move_iterator
I don't think so. The library requirements on the iterator type is
ValueSwappable, which
means that "for any dereferenceable object x of type X, *x is
swappable". So, unless
there exists active rvalue-swap support provided by user-provided value type of
the wrapped iterator of std::move_iterator (or by the reference type
of the wrapped
iterator, once LWG 2106 becomes accepted), the library implementation should
not interfere here.
I agree, and will just add that support for swapping rvalues of
standard library classes was added to a C++0x draft but then
intentionally removed again as undesirable and IIRC in some cases

Furthermore, we used to use move_iterator internally in std::sort, and had to take it out because it would sometimes lead to values being lost, if the type had a 'by value' operator< like:

bool operator<(MyType t1, MyType t2) { ... }

Because as soon as we compared we would move the value into the comparitor and it would be lost.

I would personally advise against supporting move_iterator in the standard algorithms, unless you are also prepared to make it safe in such situations (which might itself be impossible, without breaking other things).

In short, move_iterator is in my opinion easily misused and not a proper iterator and not compiling it might be a 'feature' :)


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