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Re: PATCH: Reguire __cxa_atexit for ext/{new, throw}_allocator/

On 24/02/2010 15:59, Paolo Carlini wrote:
> Hi Dave,
>> Shouldn't this be xfailed on solaris, rather than skipped on all
>> non-cxa_atexit targets?
>>   The FAIL in this case is indicating an ABI violation w.r.t order of dtors,
>> which could equally happen on non-cxa_atexit systems that implement some
>> variant scheme (such as e.g. get_exit_frame_monitor hooks!) and it seems
>> useful to me if the testsuite flags that up, regardless of the internal
>> implementation details of how the system handles (or, in this case, fails to
>> handle correctly) finalisation.
> given your observation about the hook itself, I tend to agree. If I
> remember correctly, other systems should be also xfailed, eg, AIX
> (xfailing is a bit tedious, isn't it?) I would also suggest Rainer to
> add a couple of lines of comment summarizing this exchange here.

  I'll just add FTR (in case anyone worries that this is a purely theoretical
concern of mine) that Cygwin is an example of a non-cxa_atexit system
(although that will probably change in the not-too-distant future) and that
all the mentioned tests currently pass fine on it.


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