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Re: Testsuite cleanup

> This patch performs some cleanup and extensions to the testsuite. I
> hope this patch, while big, is mostly obvious. If you'd like it in
> some smaller, better defined chunks, I'll split it up. After this
> patch, I believe the only parts of chapter 25 which is not updated for
> C++0x and tested are stable_partition, stable_sort and inplace_merge.
> I have another patch for those in the pipeline.
Ok. Please resubmit this one with:
- A 'bool test __attribute__((unused)) = true;' in each and every
function using VERIFY; always a space between the the open parenthesis
of the VERIFY and the condition and between the condition and the closed
parenthesis. In the testcases, no additional blank likes between
functions and main; main returns 0. (normally, for the future, one test
per file).
- A new Changelog, properly formatted and having the new files all
few times as little as possible, say it once, and then likewise.


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