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Re: *begin() and *end() methods on c++0x containers

On May 21, 2008, at 11:13 AM, PAOLO.CARLINI@ORACLE.COM wrote:
Ok, I'd like to help where possible. I've been involved in open source
for some time now and I now that it's a volunteer work. I tend to write
patches for bugs I find only when I'm acquainted with the source code.
When I don't, I usually report those issues upstream to let them know. I
think that bug reporting is just as important as bug correction, as one
leads to the other.

Sure, note, however, that, strictly speaking, here we are not talking about bugs, we are talking about work in progress. In general, when the relevant documents are clear enough we don't debate much the implementation, in the mailing lists, unless someone posts a patch, of course ;) Of course, I don't want to turn down your help, sorry if that was not clear in my previous messages, but really, when we are talking about new, experimental, features, we are really looking for implementors, at this point: imagine what would happen if each user of the experimental C++0x switch (both the C++ front-end and the library bits) starts posting about his favored missing / incomplete item vs the current draft, that would be completely unmanageable!

I think what we need is something like

for the library. One could start with Alisdair Meredith's most recent LWG status report:

Actually, a separate section of that same page for library features would be great. That way, we'd have a single-page snapshot of GCC's progress toward C++0x.

This is the point where I would usually volunteer to do such a thing, but I have my hands full right now with the language side of things.

- Doug

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