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Re: [c++0x] unique_ptr

In the meanwhile I dig out some old emails, and indeed, I think the paperworks is cleared, great! Therefore, Chris, do you mean to revamp you implementation and officially submit it in the standard patch form? Or do we want to proceed differently? Pleas let me know as soon as possible.

That's great, thanks for checking. I'd just want to remember that shared_ptr implementation should be changed to, adding the following members:

// shared_ptr ctors
template <class Y, class D> shared_ptr(const unique_ptr<Y, D>& r) = delete.
template <class Y, class D> shared_ptr(unique_ptr<Y, D>&& r);

// shared_ptr assignment
template <class Y, class D> shared_ptr& operator=(const unique_ptr<Y, D>& r) = delete;
template <class Y, class D> shared_ptr& operator=(unique_ptr<Y, D>&& r);

The '= delete' specifier should obviously be ommited (since I think it's not supported in latest gcc) and instead the declaration should be private.

In my copy of the c++0x draft (doc #N2588) there's an inconsistency, where the constructors are declared explicit in, paragraph 1 (class definition), and not explicit in paragraph 37. IMHO this should be 'implicit' to avoid excess typing and mimick the ctor from an auto_ptr.

Sorry if this has been already dealt with.


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