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Re: *begin() and *end() methods on c++0x containers


Thanks for your messages, however, let's make clear an important point: all this C++0x work is experimental, ongoing work, nobody is claiming conformance to any standard (which doesn't exist yet) neither to a specific working paper. And consider that, implicitly, some of that work may have been done more in order to gain some experience to be feed back to the standard Committee than in order to deliver a complete, solid, feature to the end users... That said, we are in the process of renewing and strengthening our involvement in the Committee work toward C++0x and you can certainly expect news in the experimental C++0x support area.

I see, I've been testing gcc's c++0x features a lot lately and found them very valuable. It's a good indication that the committee is leading c++ to the right direction.

Since gcc is being a major testbed for c++0x, I thought it would be good for it to stick to the current draft where possible (at least the draft emerged from the last meeting) so that the most current views and ideas gets exercised and results in more mature ideas for the next meeting.

Sorry if my wording was misleading as to meaning that 'gcc is non-conformant', that's was not my intention. What I did was just pinpoint some minor (and IMHO easy fixable) disparities between the last draft and the current implementation.

Best regards,
Rodolfo Lima.

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