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Re: [RFC] parallel/tree.h?

> We now have a version ready that activates the parallel tree code.


> Find the patch attached. AFAICS, there are no regressions with
> respect to the testsuite, except one, which is related to the movable
> stuff (see other mail) a "singular" iterator. But where does a
> singular iterator appear in
> FAIL: 23_containers/map/modifiers/insert/ execution test
> ?

I am not quite sure, at the moment. But, this is not a blocker I don't
> Ok, so what has to be done to the code in order to get accepted
> (except the formatting, of course)?
> Splitting up into smaller pieces? More documentation?

A ChangeLog entry would be nice... 

Don't really see any documentation in this patch.


So yes. You need to at least mention in
doc/xml/manual/parallel_mode.xml that you have these types.

You posted an include/ diff, but the actual file that would
be edited would be include/ (There is no need to post the
diff of the auto-generated
> The algorithm itself is documented here:
> <>

Should be mentioned as a comment in the sources file.


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