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Re: Printing STL List Entries in GDB

Although I'd like to take credit for this idea, it isn't really my ambitious idea. Many people have already done this. Gilad Mishne created a set of commands to print out STL container structures (for SGI version of STL) in GDB (

And Ravi Menon created print commands for some of the GNU-STL structures ( He didn't make commands for the list data structure though.

I'd like to make one for lists, but I don't know how the list data members are named. I suppose I could go into the source code and find out, but does anybody have this information handy?

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
I tried using single quotes as well, but it still won't print the
value: p (('std::_List_node' *) $curNode)->_M_data
    No symbol "std::_List_node" in current context.

Your planned usage of gdb is pretty ambitious. As far as I can tell, it's never supported such sophistication. Any non-trivial scoping seems to fail.

If you are debugging on linux, you might try compiling with the flags
"-ggdb3 -O0".

Do I need to the type of list entries I'm trying to print?  I'm
trying to create a user-defined command in gdb for printing stl lists
so I'd rather keep the command general so that I could reuse this
command for any other lists I might want to print.

In a perfect world, some theoretical future gdb would allow you to use std::list's own member functions for access.


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