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Re: TR1 Math tarball

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:

I have full confidence that refinements and work on Paolo's other
issues will proceed once this is checked in. Paolo, are you willing to
move to a more incremental style for this work?

Certainly. We completely (someone would say "violently", but I don't like violence, also in methphorical sense ;) agree on the general philosophy. My pointe were, essentially: 1- We want to make sure that the initial code at least *compiles* on many platforms (see the std::tr1::cmath issue), 2- Frankly, even if we are talking about a good starting point, not the complete work, we would like to avoid blatant problems in code that we are making available to everyone, not only the developers (once more (I said that already), even if that still seems weird to me, people brwose the source code of the library while *learning to program in C++* )

Anyway, I plan to post a few additional comments later today, then, when cleared at least point 1- above, in one additional iteration in other terms, I agree that we can commit to svn.


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