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Re: [libstdc++ PATCH] TR1 'function' and 'mem_fn' support

Douglas Gregor wrote:

On Jan 29, 2005, at 8:44 AM, Chris Jefferson wrote:

Paolo Carlini wrote:

Chris Jefferson wrote:

I'm happy to adapt my tuple generation program to generate this header, which would have the advantage it would remove of 10 on the maximum size. Of course this leads to other problems which I'm not positive how to fix.... but it seems like it's not impossible someone might hit the 10-parameter (I've seen functions with more, although not in very nice code)

By the way: *where* is it (the tuple generation program)?!?

Assuming we really we want to go this way, we should provide it and document its usage.

Attached is the most recent version of the maketuples.c program, which generates the header is is currently in the CVS. It could perhaps do with a little more documenting, but I think it's reasonable.

It seems like maintaining the code for TR1 in a set of C generator programs will be significantly harder than their preprocessor-based counterparts. The functional_iterate.h I submitted is annoying to work with (because one has to use macros for parameter lists and such), but it retains the essential structure of C++ code and it's easy to make minor tweaks to the source.

If we're concerned about preprocessing time, we can always preprocess all of the includes of functional_iterate.h for some number of parameters as part of configuration.

I think I probably now agree. The only minor problem I have with the macro-based system is slightly harder to later increase the limit, should someone want to use tuples / function_wrappers / whatever with >10 arguments / elements. I shall however agree with the maintainers on this issue :)


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