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__GTHREAD_MUTEX_INIT error while compiling qt applications


i got an error message while compiling qt programs (see attachment).

Gcc wanted me to send an error report to you, so here we are :). I
already searched through google, but only found some dev-cpp (windows?)
stuff, which didn't matched my problems.

I don't know how to fix it, but here are some specs of my system:
gcc (GCC) 3.3.5  (Gentoo Linux 3.3.5-r1, ssp-3.3.2-3, pie-
GNU ld version 20040927

GNU C Library 20040808 release version 2.3.4, by Roland McGrath et al.
Copyright (C) 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.
There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A
Compiled by GNU CC version 3.3.4 20040623 (Gentoo Linux 3.3.4-r1,
ssp-3.3.2-2, pie-8.7.6).
Compiled on a Linux 2.6.8 system on 2004-11-24.
Available extensions:
	GNU libio by Per Bothner
	crypt add-on version 2.1 by Michael Glad and others
	Native POSIX Threads Library by Ulrich Drepper et al
	NIS(YP)/NIS+ NSS modules 0.19 by Thorsten Kukuk

Need something more?

Thank you in advance.

		<Seb />

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