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Re: [patch] Remove invalid test on non-const empty strings

Paolo Carlini wrote:

chris jefferson wrote:

Good point!

Perhaps then a better idea would be to wrap tests like this in a #ifndef _GLIBCXX_DEBUG / #endif pair?

Better, but I think we should really understand (I'm speaking for myself, first and foremost ;) why the debug mode is so strict about that behavior...

Hmm.. I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean why does it pass in the const case, and not in the non-const case, I'd guess thats because that exactly how it is written in debug/string :) (there is a different implementation of [] for const and non-const, with the different requirements.)

I suppose what this really depends on is what the aim of the debugging library is. I had at first assumed that it's purpose was exactly what it says, a libstdc++ debugging library. However in this case it looks more like it is aiming to be a super-pedantic library. One option would be to introduce an extra "pedantic" mode.. however I'm not convinced how useful that would be in the long run, as I suspect properly implementing such a thing would require a lot of extra code, so perhaps we should just nuke this extra test in string?


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